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How To Keep Spiders Away: Tips For Prevention For Your Houston Home

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Spiders are pests traditionally portrayed in entertainment as creepy and dangerous. As arachnids, spiders are wingless, predatory creatures with eight legs known for creating silky, patterned webs. While many home-invading spiders in this region pose minimal risks to human health, a few possess potent venom.

Are you seeking answers regarding the best ways of getting rid of spiders? Homeowners should consult with the pros rather than trying fables, home remedies, or other do-it-yourself options. Professional spider exterminators understand the behavior of these potentially harmful pests and know the best treatment methods. A Houston pest control company employs a team of qualified staff that will get results.

Spider Identification: How To Recognize Different Species

What are some of the most prevalent species of spiders in the greater Houston region that property owners might find within their homes?

  • Black widow spiders: Among the most-feared species, black widow spiders have shiny bodies with a distinctive “hourglass-shaped” red marking.
  • Brown recluse spiders: Known for possessing powerful venom, brown recluse spiders have a unique “violin-like” marking.
  • House spiders: Common house spiders are web-building types that usually appear yellowish-brown with darker stripes on their legs. 
  • Wolf spiders: As non-web-building spiders known for their threatening appearance, wolf spiders have hairy, brownish bodies with lighter stripes and eight eyes.

Regardless of the species, property owners struggling with too many spiders should consult a licensed pest management professional. During the visit to your property, the pros will often identify additional existing property conditions that make the premises vulnerable to future invasions involving spiders and some of the types of creatures they prey on.

Symptoms Of Spider Bites: What To Expect And How To Treat

Why should I consider the services of a local spider control company? While many types of spiders are primarily nuisance pests, some species may pose health risks to you and your loved ones. Rather than taking chances, seek assistance from a company specializing in residential spider removal services.

Most people bitten by spiders experience minor, skin-related redness and swelling, as few species have the combination of lengthy fans and powerful venom necessary for creating dangerous reactions. The black widow and brown recluse spiders represent the greatest risk in this region. Certain bite victims may exhibit symptoms requiring medical assistance, such as fever, nausea, or “ulcer-like” wounds on the skin.

Preventing Spider Infestations: Practical Tips And Tricks

One of the most important preventative measures involves limiting the presence of creatures that spiders prey on. As with most household pests, spiders are unlikely to remain inside homes that afford them no access to food.

Limit bright outdoor lighting, particularly near entry doors, as they commonly attract flying pests that spiders consume. Consider changing to the newer, LED-style bulbs that generate yellowish light that is less likely to attract unwanted pests.

Keep kitchen areas free of attractants to prevent ants, flies, and other spider prey. For example, avoid leaving dirty dishes out overnight and ensure that trash cans have functional lids.

Keep the home’s exterior well maintained to prevent indoor entry by replacing torn window screens, installing sweeps along entry doors, and filling any cracks or crevices that develop around the base of the structure.

Those with ongoing problems with these pests should speak with a professional regarding the best methods of spider removal.

Specialists in spider control in Houston receive training that often involves new products and application methods.

Professional Spider Control: When To Call In The Experts

Is there an experienced provider of residential spider control in Houston? All-Safe Pest & Termite is available to provide quality solutions for Houston homeowners struggling with spiders or many other pests. For further details, contact our office today.

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