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Common Myths About The Fleas In Fort Worth

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A flea infestation on your Fort Worth property may have you immediately looking up the best flea treatment for your home, but there is a better method than any natural flea treatment you may come across. Fort Worth pest control is the best way to get rid of a flea infestation and ensure your home stays free of this itch-inducing pest.

Flea Myth #1: Fleas Only Live On Pets

While fleas may initially enter your home via your pets, they can live in several different places, such as on rodents (another troublesome pest invader), wildlife, and other warm-blooded birds and mammals. Once in your home, they can easily set up shop in the carpets or fibers and routinely emerge to bite and feed on both the humans and pets in your home.

If you genuinely want to eliminate a flea infestation, you should be looking at a flea treatment for a home that works to kill every life stage of fleas, from eggs to adults, and combine this with flea control for your pets.

Flea Myth #2: A Few Fleas On My Pet Is No Big Deal

Ignoring just a few fleas on your pet is a major mistake and can easily lead to fleas taking over your property. This is because adult fleas are highly prolific and will quickly lead to hundreds of eggs and pupae, perpetuating the flea lifecycle. Always be proactive when you see fleas on your pet and speak to your veterinarian about flea control for your furry friend, in addition to looking into flea control for the house – All-Safe Pest & Termite can help you with this part.

Flea Myth #3: Just Treating My Pet Will Get Rid Of The Fleas

Treating your pet for fleas is a vital part of eliminating a flea infestation but will not eradicate an ongoing infestation in your home. Your pets will have flea repellant on them, but there will still be fleas living in the carpets or other fibers of your home that will feed on humans and continue laying eggs. This means that as soon as the flea treatment for your pets wears off, they will also contract fleas again in a never-ending cycle.

The only way to fully get rid of fleas in your home is to treat every room (and your pets) for fleas at the same time.

Flea Myth #4: A Flea Infestation Is Easy To Deal With 

A serious myth that most individuals should be informed about is that flea infestations are not easy to deal with and take significant effort to treat. Understanding how to get rid of fleas from your home involves removing this pest from your pets and treating your home so no egg, pupae, or adult flea is left. Otherwise, the infestation cycle will start all over again. This can be hard for many homeowners to do by themselves.

Fortunately, the professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite are ready to help you out with this and can provide you with a thorough inspection of your home that identifies flea hotspots. Using this information, the experts can help develop effective, safe, and targeted treatments that work to eliminate this pest from every area of your home. 

Combine the help of the experts with natural flea treatment methods (such as frequently cleaning your home) and with the treatment of your pets, and you will be able to reclaim your house from this tiny, biting pest.

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