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Carpenter Ants In Plano: An Extensive Guide To Prevention And Control

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carpenter ant on wood

Different creatures build their homes in different ways. Some animals burrow underground to build cozy little spots for themselves and their young. Others find holes in trees which they use for shelter. Certain species work hard to build homes for themselves. This is true for the carpenter ant. Can you guess where this pest lives? It lives inside wood. If you are not careful, you might find a nest of these bugs inside your walls. This is what you should know to prevent carpenter ants in Plano and some of the problems these pests cause. Reach out to All-Safe Pest & Termite for information about our advanced services and to find ant removal that will directly meet your needs.

Characteristics Of Carpenter Ants: A Guide To Accurate Identification

We have some good news for you. Of all the different types of ants that live in Plano, carpenter ants are arguably the easiest to identify. This is for two main reasons. The first is due to their size. These pests are typically larger and grow up to ⅗ of an inch long. Their heads and mandibles are also larger than other local species. The second thing that makes these pests easier to identify is the damage they cause. Over time, clear signs of carpenter ants will present themselves in the form of property damage. This, of course, is not how you want to identify these pests. To make sure your problem does not get to this point, bring in our team for a thorough inspection to make sure carpenter ants are not creating damage in your home or business.

Carpenter Ant Problems: Health Concerns And Structural Damage

Carpenter ants are not the most dangerous creatures in Plano. They can bite and may trigger asthma attacks, but beyond this are not a big threat aside from potentially contaminating food in your kitchen. Where these pests are most problematic is where they build nests inside structural wood. Although they cannot destroy a home in a week, they can cause extensive damage over several months or years if an infestation is allowed to persist. For this reason, you must spot and deal with infestations early. If you would like to avoid these pests altogether, you should consider professional carpenter ant control. 

Professional Assistance: Vital To Total Carpenter Ant Control

Whether you need an option to get rid of carpenter ants or you are looking for a long-term treatment to keep these pests at bay, we have options for you at All-Safe Pest & Termite. All you need to do is reach out to our team. One of our friendly staff members will talk you through our methods and help you make an appointment for your Plano home and property. Our main goal is to provide property owners like you with comfort in knowing your investments are safe from destructive pests. All you need to do is give us a call.

Prevention Is Key: Tips To Prevent Carpenter Ants From Coming Back

Getting rid of carpenter ants is only half of the battle. Once you know these pests are out of your home; it is recommended that you put in place some form of prevention, whether that be DIY or professional care. Here are some of the best options for DIY ant control in Plano.

  • Seal potential entry points around your home’s exterior.
  • Repair damage to windows and doors and make sure they are properly sealed.
  • Clean up food messes indoors.
  • Reduce moisture.
  • Eliminate clutter.

Reach out to our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite for professional options to deal with or prevent a carpenter ant infestation in Plano.

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