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What It Takes To Get Rid Of A Carpenter Ant Infestation In Houston Homes

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Carpenter ants wreak havoc in Houston homes. Not only can seeing them on your property make your skin crawl, but they can also cause damage to your structure. It is vital to come to terms with the threat posed by their invasion to respond promptly.

The presence of carpenter ants in your house can be overwhelming but don't panic. If you spot black carpenter ants in your home, call Houston pest control professionals to help you with the problem.

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants often infest decaying and damaged wood and tunnel through sound wood to build nests. When an infestation progresses, it can cause extensive damage to your property, which is why you should stop it as soon as possible.

Here are common signs of a carpenter ant infestation in a Houston home:

  • Rustling sound: Faint rustling and scratching sound inside your woodwork and walls is a sign of ants burrowing to build nests in the walls. 
  • Seeing ants: If you spot large black ants, it signifies a larger ant population. 
  • Piles of sawdust: If you notice piles of sawdust in areas with wood, such as windowsills and doors, it is a sign of an infestation. The ants burrow into wood to build nests leaving behind wood shavings. 
  • Ant trails on the lawn: If you notice ant paths and trails on the lawn, you will likely find carpenter ants in trees in the yard and your house. 
  • Ant droppings: If you find ant droppings that comprise soft fibrous wood and dropping, it is a sign of a carpenter ants infestation.

If you notice any of the signs, you could have a growing ant population in your house. Call pest control experts to remove them before they cause extensive damage to your property.  

The Multiple Problems Carpenter Ants Create In A Home

A carpenter ant colony in your Houston home can cause several problems. They burrow into wooden joists, frames, studs, and beams, among other essential components.

They destroy your home's cabinetry, furniture, shelving, and other wooden items. Because they love softened wood, they can cause damage to already compromised structures.  

They are also messy, leaving sawdust, droppings, and other debris as they build nests. The gnawing sound they produce when gnawing on wood can be noisy.

If you notice an infestation, take proactive steps to get rid of carpenter ants before more structural damage happens.  

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Carpenter Ants

Eliminating carpenter ants in Houston alone can be challenging. That is why you need to contact a pest control company with professionals specializing in carpenter ants infestation.  

Using pesticides is not the safest method and will not effectively address the problem.

All-Safe Pest & Termite professionals specializing in pests know how to determine the location of carpenter ants' nests and remove them.

Naturally Effective Tips To Prevent Future Carpenter Ants

The best way to manage a carpenter ants infestation is to stop it before it starts. Prevent ants from invading your home, nesting in the wood, and damaging structures. Here are the precautions to take:

  • Remove clutter around your home: Remove junk, wood, and debris around your home, as carpenter ants use them for nesting. 
  • Eliminate standing water: Water sources create perfect carpenter ant nesting conditions. Keep your property dry by repairing broken pipes and leaks in the roof. 
  • Seal openings: Seal gaps, crevices, and cracks in your foundation that provide entry into your house.  
  • Clean up food crumbs and spilled drinks: Remove food sources, as sweet food and proteins attract carpenter ants.  

A carpenter ant nest can cause you sleepless nights and structural damage to your property. If you notice carpenter ant swarmers on your Houston property, contact professionals to assess the infestation and determine the best treatment.

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