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Is It Dangerous To Have Crickets In My Dallas Home?

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Did you know some people believe crickets in your house are good luck? If you aren’t someone who thinks this way, crickets in your home can feel unlucky as they are a pest. But, you don’t need to worry about cricket sounds bothering you for too long because the experts of All-Safe Pest & Termite are here to tell you about this pest and how you can get rid of them.

About House-Invading Crickets In Dallas

House crickets are likely the most annoying culprit of any pest home invasion you might experience. House crickets are ½ to 7/8 of an inch long, have six legs, and antennae, and can fly but rarely do. They are yellowish-brown with three dark bands on their head.

Cricket sounds, which we call chirping, are created by the crickets rubbing their hind legs together. Because these critters are nocturnal, you will mostly hear them chirping at night, and while these noises are often easy to ignore, sometimes even these sounds can cause problems for homeowners.

Why Crickets In Your Dallas Home Is A Problem

Having any pest in your home is a problem, but crickets cause some unexpected issues for homeowners, including:

  • They can cause people in the house to lose sleep due to the non-stop chirping sounds. As many know, not getting enough sleep can affect mental cognition and cause other health issues to arise.
  • While cricket bites are rare, they can happen. If you experience a cricket bite, their mouthparts aren’t strong enough to break through the skin. However, touching crickets or coming into contact with their feces can cause parasites like E. coli and salmonella and cause rashes and painful sores.
  • Crickets can also cause damage to items around your home, such as furniture and clothing that are made of wool, silk, linen, or cotton.

Although these problems might not seem that bad compared to what other pests can do, no one should have to deal with any issue caused by pests in their home.

Natural Cricket Prevention Tips For Dallas Homes

If you want to prevent crickets in Texas, there are several tips you can implement to reduce populations on your property and help to keep them from getting in:

  • Vacuum your home regularly to remove any eggs that have been laid.
  • Inspect potted plants and other items for crickets before bringing them inside.
  • Make your home less attractive to these nocturnal critters by keeping outdoor lights off when possible.
  • Keep grass, bushes, and hedges cut short, and be sure to remove clippings and debris.
  • Assess ventilation in your home to ensure there is no excess moisture build-up. You can also use dehumidifiers in garages, crawlspaces, and basements.
  • Keep the gutters clean of leaves and other debris.
  • Inspect and seal entry points in the foundation and exterior walls.

These tips will help reduce cricket populations on your property, but they do not keep them out completely. However, you don’t have to worry because local pest control experts have the home pest control treatments you need to keep crickets out for good.

The Fastest Way To Handle A Cricket Problem In Dallas Homes

Are you tired of chirping crickets in your Dallas home? You can rely on All-Safe Pest & Termite to get rid of this noisy pest fast. Our services include protection against crickets once they have been eliminated from your property. If you experience a problem between scheduled services, we will return to re-treat at no additional cost.

Keep crickets in Texas out of your home by contacting us at All-Safe Pest & Termite.

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