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Paper Wasp 101: What Every Frisco Property Owner Ought To Know

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a paper wasp on a nest

Most insects and creatures arouse fear in people, but there are a few exceptions to the rule. There are critters who are known for being essentially harmless. They might just be pretty to look at, or they thankfully consume the pests that tend to frighten folks. Some are deemed symbols of love, hope, or good luck in various cultures. Conversely, wasps are widely despised. At best, Frisco residents find them annoying because they seem to always be buzzing around. At worst, citizens are scared of them because they have the ability to sting.

There are different types of wasps, and each has multiple subspecies. Paper wasps are a group that’s common in the area. These flying bugs help the environment by pollinating and munching on other insects. While this is a very useful gift and these wasps aren’t as hostile as their relatives, no home or business owner wants them around. Learn how paper wasps work and how to prevent them from All-Safe Pests & Termites.

How Do Paper Wasps Operate? What Are the Hazards?

Paper wasps are around 1 inch long. Black wings are attached to their dark brown bodies with yellow markings. They could easily be mistaken for yellow jackets, as they have similar coloring. However, their figures are more narrow. Sheltered spots are ideal for their nest building, so they’ll persistently flutter around roof eaves, door frames, window sills, foundation voids, and attics. If you see them at all, you can bet there’s an infestation. They came through a structural crack, or an open door or window if they are found inside your home or business.
Paper wasps certainly live up to their name with how their nests appear. They spread and piece together plant material with their saliva. Once it dries, it looks like meshed and matted paper. The exterior is rather thick, making it tough to view the host of interior compartments. As far as shape, it may bring an umbrella to mind. This is why these critters are sometimes called “umbrella wasps.” Their cocoon formations are part of what separates paper wasps from others.
Just like many comparative pests, paper wasps will only sting when they are feeling defensive. This isn’t much of a relieving thought, because you’ll never know when that will occur. It will be immensely painful if you happen to fall victim to these creatures. An allergic reaction to their venom may necessitate medical intervention. In seconds, wasps can hit a target several times.

Is There a Way to Prevent Paper Wasps?

It’s impossible to control or eliminate the natural elements that draw wasps in. It’s also not all that feasible to catch masses of wasps or to stomp them with your shoe. That doesn’t mean you can’t prevent them from coming onto your property with the following tips:

  • Cut your grass on a routine basis 
  • Place greenery a couple of feet away from the exterior doors 
  • Regularly trim bushes, shrubbery, plants, and flowers
  • Remove garbage and debris from your lawn, gutters, and vents
  • Always put trash in a canister with a secure lid 
  • Make it a habit to wash your roof eaves and porches
  • Food shouldn’t be left on the patio 
  • Contact All-Safe Pest & Termite if you have critters wasps can feed on 

How Will All-Safe Pest & Termite Exterminate Paper Wasps?

All-Safe Pest & Termite will send expert technicians to your Frisco property to eradicate paper wasps with efficiency. They use only the latest technology and industrial solutions to take down nests and treat vulnerable spaces. Never try to remove a nest yourself; it's too risky! Our eco-friendly products won’t be a threat to you, your pets, or your land. Enjoy great pricing, guarantees, and warranties when you partner with us! Call today to get started with a free inspection!

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