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The Dangers Fleas Bring To Frisco Homes

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No one likes fleas, but many homeowners underestimate them. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that can affect the health of those in your home. Learn more about the hazards of fleas in Frisco and find out what you can do to keep them away.

Do You Have Fleas?

Before you learn about the dangers of fleas in Frisco, you should be aware of dinner if the warning signs of fleas. Unfortunately, they're common household pests. If you notice your pets scratching more than usual or see flea bites on them, you could have a problem. You can check your flea's fur for small pests to verify that fleas are causing the bites and scratching.
Of course, fleas won't only be on your pets. They may jump off and be on your carpet, pet beds, and furniture. Look for small, white flea eggs. Because fleas can be difficult to spot, you may need to spend some time looking for them. Wear tall, white socks around your house for a few hours. Then, check your socks for fleas.

The Trouble With Frisco Fleas

Due to the frequency of flea infestations in Frisco, most homeowners don't think twice about their problems. They live with flea bites’ constant annoyance, not realizing that fleas aren't only annoying; fleas are also dangerous and can spread many diseases to pets and humans alike. While some of the conditions aren't serious, others are deadly. In fact, researchers believe fleas spread the Black Plague. 
In addition to transmitting diseases, fleas also increase your risk of a secondary infection. As you scratch away at your bites, bacteria could get into your open wounds. If untreated, an infection could result in significant complications.
Another complication associated with fleas is anemia. Your pets are more likely to experience this than you, but people can develop anemia when fleas get out of control. It's essential to take measures to keep fleas away from your pets and your home.

The Challenges With Flea Prevention

While some pests in Frisco are easy to keep out, fleas don't fall into this category. They are notoriously difficult to keep away from your property. Whether or not you're a pet owner, fleas are a threat to you because they can hitchhike on rodents and other nuisance wildlife, making their way onto your property. 
If you want to protect your home from flea invaders, there are a few things you can do: 

Protect Your Pets

Pet owners should always keep their pets on a flea preventative. When you see your veterinarian, you can ask about the options. There are flea collars, medications, and shampoos. For the best results, ask your veterinarian for recommendations. 

Keep Other Pests Away

To keep fleas away, you also need to deter wildlife pests and start in your backyard. If you have natural vegetation, rodents will find it appealing. Trim your plants and shrubs, or you may find yourself battling with fleas. It's equally important to mow your lawn regularly and keep your garbage cans in sealed containers. 

Eliminate Entrances

If you don't want fleas or their hosts to come into your home, you need to seal up all potential pest entryways. To get started, look for holes and cracks in your walls. Rats and mice can chew through small openings and make them larger, so seal up everything. 

Work With An Expert

The best way to keep fleas away is to work with your veterinarian as well as a pest control professional. Here at All-Safe Pest & Termite, we understand what it takes to keep fleas away. Contact us to get started today.

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