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Answering Plano's Most Frequently Asked Scorpion Questions

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a scorpion in the dirt

An arachnid of the most peculiar kind, this unique North Texan pest is in a class (and danger zone) all on its own!

While scorpions are not the most common household pest in Plano, they aren’t necessarily a surprising sight either. These eight-legged arachnids are easily identified by their long, curved backs and venomous stingers. Growing no bigger than 2 to 3 inches long, scorpions in this area of the world are often tan or yellow and may have specialized markings that identify unique species.

Due to their more reclusive natures, many Plano residents are curious about what to do if they interact with a scorpion one-on-one. That’s why the experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about North Texas scorpion species.

The Four Biggest FAQs For Plano Scorpions

Below are four of the most frequently asked questions about scorpions by Plano homeowners.

What does having a scorpion in your house mean?

Some people believe that finding a scorpion in the home is an omen of good luck. Others believe that it may be a sign to flush out the old and bring in the new, prompting home makeovers. However, spotting one of these pests indoors really means that there is a weakness in your structure that both scorpions and their pest prey can travel through. All in all, having a scorpion in your house is not good news.

How poisonous is a scorpion?

We’ll start with the good news first: not all scorpions are poisonous to humans. Most stings are painful affairs similar to a bee sting, but these rarely require hospitalization or trained medical treatment. However, there is some bad news. The striped bark scorpion, now a North Texas native, is to be harmful to human health. If stung by a scorpion in the Plano area, vulnerable residents will need to seek medical attention right away.

How do you keep scorpions out of your house?

  • Scorpions are best kept out of the house by doing the following:
  • Sealing up cracks and gaps in the home
  • Drying out the home with dehumidifiers and desiccant bags
  • Pruning heavy vegetation from the sides of the home
  • Removing household clutter

What is the best scorpion killer?

While some over-the-counter treatments and prevention methods may cut scorpion numbers, the best scorpion killer lies with professional treatments from a licensed pest control company. Contact the experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite for more information about our specialized scorpion treatment program.

The Final Takeaway: Get Professional Scorpion Help With All-Safe Pest & Termite

These FAQs have prepared you with the information you need to ask the final and perhaps most important scorpion question of all: what will it take to get rid of a scorpion infestation on my Plano property?

Thankfully, this answer is much simpler than you might think. Assisting Plano and the surrounding cities for over 25 years, the professional team at All-Safe Pest & Termite has everything you need to sack scorpion invasions, one member, at a time. Our low toxicity treatments and unique customer-first services give us the flexibility to address pest problems your way, and no one else’s. We’re passionate about keeping our community safe, and even more passionate about the work we do to get you there.

Give us a call at the Plano branch of All-Safe Pest & Termite to schedule a free inspection right away. To skip the line and get help right away, call or contact us immediately through the web. Don’t let the scorpion scourge take control of your life. Reach out to All-Safe Pest & Termite today!

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