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Why Do I Have Scorpions on My Fort Worth Property?

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Scorpions may enter your Fort Worth property for several reasons and are troublesome pests to encounter. Understanding scorpion attractors is the best way to prevent this pest from invading your home.

Common Area Scorpions

In the Fort Worth area, there are a couple of different scorpion types that you may encounter: 

  • Striped Bark Scorpion: A highly common scorpion, this pest has a tannish or light brown body and won’t grow more than 3 inches. 
  • Giant Hairy Scorpion: This large scorpion species, the giant hairy scorpion, can grow over 4 inches long and has a brown, hairy body. 

For these scorpion types, their sting is not usually fatal, but it can be excruciating. This is especially true of the striped bark scorpion. Individuals with health problems or allergy issues relating to scorpion venom may need to seek medical attention immediately after being stung by one of these scorpions.

Several factors may attract scorpions onto your property. This pest is likely to chase its prey onto your property and into your home. Scorpions will eat all types of insects, spiders, and also other scorpions. If a significant scorpion presence is on your property, it may also indicate a large pest prey problem.

Other factors that attract scorpions around your home include harborage points where they can hide from the heat, moisture, or another reliable water source. Piles of yard debris or clutter inside your home provide long-term shelter.

Eliminate Scorpion Attractors

Once you have a good idea of what attracts scorpions into your home, you can take the proper precautions and work to prevent this pest from entering your property in the first place:

  • Scorpions will commonly enter your home through cracks and gaps in your home’s windows, doors, and foundations. They may also infiltrate through broken door and window screens, damaged weather stripping, or worn-out door sweeps. Seal up all entry points into your home to prevent either intentional or accidental scorpion entry.
  • Clear your yard of debris and clutter, especially organic waste like woodpiles and large overhanging bushes. The more moisture, shade, and harborage points around your property, the more likely scorpions will move in.
  • Address any pest prey problem you may have on your property; this will eliminate the pests attracting scorpions into your home. You can do this with the help of the experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite.
  • Fix any moisture problem or leak inside or outside of your home. This is especially important in basements and bathrooms, as scorpions love cool, dark areas with reliable water sources. You should also ensure proper ventilation in your home and double-check that your gutters are clear and not pooling with water.
  • Clear up clutter inside your home to prevent scorpions that do get inside from hiding out permanently. You should pay special attention to cool, dark areas such as bathrooms, basements, garages, and the backs of closets.

Total Scorpion Pest Control

Scorpions can be a frightening pest to encounter on your Fort Worth property and bring with them a risk of painful and sometimes dangerous stings. For total scorpion control, you should contact the professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite today. The experts will be able to eliminate any scorpion problem you may have, leaving your home and property peacefully pest-free. Prompt same-day or next-day services are available. Call us today!

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