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What Should I Do If I Think My Plano Home Has Termites?

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Do you ever sit inside your home and scan your floors, walls, and homes for termite damage? Most people do not do this. Most people do not like thinking about termites at all. These pests are not only creepy, they are also a big threat to the structures on local properties.

If you are trying to find out if your home has an active termite problem or are seeking methods to prevent these pests in Plano, here is what you need to know. Call our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite if you need an expert’s help dealing with these pests. We will send one of our technicians your way with a quick and reliable option for termite control services.

What Are The Signs Of Termites?

Termites do not enter homes without a good reason. Most often, they invade structures of wood that are water-damaged. This should be the first sign you look for when trying to identify your risk. While you are inspecting your home’s exterior, look for other common signs of termites like mud tubes and swarmers. Swarmers are winged reproductive termites who are sent out to find new wood to nibble on.

Other long-term signs of termites include sagging floors and ceilings, moisture spots, bubbling paint or wallpaper, overly squeaky floorboards, and difficult-to-open windows and doors. If you want to find out for certain if your home has a termite problem, bring in our team for a thorough inspection. 

How Bad Is It To Have Termites In My House?

There is no upside to having termites inside your home. If these pests are indoors, they are only there to feed. Damage typically starts from the ground up. At first, you will not notice anything is wrong. It is only as they start to chew through your floorboards and up into your walls that problems will become more identifiable.

The good news is that signs of termite damage will show up long before you fall through floorboards, or there is a risk of structural failure. Keeping this in mind, termite damage is ugly and can lead to some serious problems. 

Why Do I Have Termites In My House?

If termites are inside your home, they are there for a reason. Here are some of the most common attractants that lead to active termite infestations locally. 

  • Water-damaged wood
  • Uncovered wood piles
  • Piles of untreated lumber
  • Wet cardboard
  • Damp newspaper
  • Stick and leaf piles
  • Rotting tree stumps
  • Decaying fallen trees
  • Dead trees

If any of these things are present around your property, do your best to get rid of them. Sometimes, termite prevention is easy. Other times, you have to invest in professional help. Talk with our team to identify what your need is and find out more about our short and long-term services to combat these and other local destructive insects.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Termites?

Finding a reliable option to control termites can be a challenge. These pests inherently make themselves difficult to control. If you are sick and tired of worrying about your home’s well-being or are looking for a long-term solution to these pests, we have your back. Get our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite involved to find amazing solutions to termites and the problems they cause. We will make sure your property is fully protected and that these destructive bugs are not able to establish their presence.

Call our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite to find out more about termite control near you or to schedule a visit for your Plano home and property. We’re ready to lend you a hand.

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