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Four Simple Tricks To Keep Flies Out Of Your Dallas Home

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a house fly crawling on a kitchen counter

In the Dallas area, pests are everywhere. Some are harmful while others are more of a nuisance. One pest that is a bit of both is the fly. Flies will get into anything and everything in their search for food and water, which is why the sight of them buzzing around is so common.

While there are different species of flies, they all share a common appearance of a dark grey nearly black body with wings and multiple eyes. Some species are considerably large such as the horsefly while others like the fruit fly are tiny.
Flies aren't just annoying with their habits of landing on food, counters, and other surfaces, they're dangerous to our health. The reason for this is because they're attracted to trash and feces, which means they have bacteria and pathogens on their bodies. As they land on multiple locations in your Dallas home, they contaminate more and more surfaces.
Between how fast flies reproduce and the health threats they pose, fly prevention is crucial to maintaining a safe and healthy home. Before you can successfully prevent a fly infestation, it's important to understand what attracts them.

How and Why They Get Inside The Home

Flies get into houses in a number of ways. The most common is flying straight through an open door or window. However, their small size allows them to slip through cracks and crevices as well.
Flies will take advantage of damaged window screens. As such, you will want to do regular inspections to stay on top of any needed repairs to prevent easy entry.

What Attracts Flies?

So what actually attracts flies into your Dallas home? It depends on the type of fly that invades your Dallas home. For example, fruit flies as their name implies, are attracted to anything sugary like soft drinks or overripe fruit. However, there are some attraction factors that apply to all species of fly. These include trashcans that aren't sealed, dead animals nearby, pet feces in the yard, food left out, open drinks, and filth that hasn't been cleaned.

Use These Fly-Prevention Tips

By understanding what attracts flies (as well as other pests), you are better prepared to practice successful fly prevention. Adhere to these four tips, and you'll be much further ahead in keeping flies away from your Dallas home.

  • Trash maintenance: With their desire for trash being such a large motivator, it only makes sense to manage your trash. Seal trash bags, wipe down trashcans, and take the trash out regularly to minimize fly infestations. Also, be sure to use trashcans that can remain sealed shut for enhanced protection.
  • Pick up after your pet: Flies like to get into pet feces. As such, prevention starts with picking up after your pet. This includes cleaning out the litter box on a schedule as well as picking up after your dog when it goes for its potty break outside in the yard.
  • Maintain the yard: Flies, like other pests, prefer an unkempt yard. For those with apartments, this translates to a cluttered place. Take the time to remove the clutter, soiled bedding, and other trouble spots. Also, be sure to wipe everything down inside while keeping the yard mowed and trimmed outside.
  • Food: Flies will land on your food no matter its species. As such, it's critical you store food properly when not in use. This includes wiping down surfaces and sweeping up crumbs. The more diligent you are, the less likely flies will stick around.

Prevent A Fly Infestation With All-Safe Pest & Termite

Sometimes, you need a professional touch to maintain a fly-free home. In those cases, our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite is standing by ready to deliver quality pest management services to our Dallas residents.
If you're in need of fly-prevention services, give our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional fly-control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.

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