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The Problem With Silverfish In Your Houston, TX Home

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a silverfish crawling on a book

This is one "fish" you won’t want to brag about catching. For many homeowners in the U.S., silverfish are annoying houseguests that spoil their house's otherwise clean and tidy atmosphere. They aren’t necessarily the worst pest you can have, but the problem with silverfish in your Houston home is how difficult they can be to get rid of.

What Do Silverfish Look Like?

When it comes to silverfish, the name says it all. These bugs come in shades of silvery-gray and have a distinct tapered body shape. They are large at the front and progressively smaller towards the posterior, not unlike the shape of a fish. They have two long antennae prodding out of the head and three antenna-like appendages at the back. Most specimens measure between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inches long.

Silverfish are renowned for their speed and can quickly dart out of sight when exposed. They can be found hiding amidst storage containers and other belongings in basements and attics, preferring humid environments. Female silverfish can lay between one and three eggs per day, taking anywhere from a few months to a few years to develop, depending on the conditions. The average silverfish can live for three years or longer, meaning that infestations can persist for quite some time.

Dangers Of Silverfish

They might look like a creature from another planet, but silverfish mean you no harm. They don’t bite or sting and aren’t known to cause any disease. The problem with silverfish is their persistence and their annoying tendency to destroy your belongings.

Silverfish will eat glue, paper, and clothing in storage. They also have no problem infesting your pantry and gobbling up staples like flour and oatmeal. The surprisingly vicious pests also taste meat and cannibalize their own kind — or may munch on available meat if given the opportunity.

They might not make you sick or cause you harm, but when holes start appearing in clothing and silverfish start scurrying around the pantry, it’s clear just how much of a nuisance these pests can be.

Silverfish Prevention 

Silverfish can live for up to a year without eating and are experts at avoiding detection. Silverfish are generally more discreet and difficult to locate than brazen ants and flies that go where they please. Once an infestation starts, it can be tough to eliminate without professional intervention. 

But, with the right approach, you can prevent silverfish from infesting your Houston home. Some silverfish prevention tips you can try include:

  • Cleaning often – Ensure that there are no crumbs or food scraps for silverfish to snack on. Clean kitchen floors and counters regularly.
  • Protecting pantry foods – Secure your perishable pantry foods in sturdy containers made of heavy plastic, glass, or metal.
  • Controlling humidity – Ventilate any attic, basement, or bathroom spaces by opening windows and running fans.
  • Inspecting containers – If you’re bringing any secondhand items or keepsakes home, check for any silverfish that may be hiding among boxes, documents, or clothing.
  • Storing belongings securely – Keep any valuable clothing items or papers stored in heavy plastic bins with locking lids. Try to keep storage containers from making direct contact with floors and walls. 

If you’ve spotted silverfish in your Houston home, don’t let the problem get any worse. Get in touch with the experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite for silverfish control that you can depend on. Our residential pest control services provide lasting protection from a variety of common household pests, so you can relax and enjoy your home as it was meant to be. Contact us today for more information.

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