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Let's Talk About Scorpion Control In Houston

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Scorpions are arachnids that have come to represent fear in our society, and it's no wonder. Their appearance isn't exactly cute and cuddly. These creatures have large pincers and a tail with a stinger that protects them from predators, making them even more fearful. In Houston, however, it's quite common to find scorpions in your yard and sometimes even in your home. Dealing with an abundance of scorpions on your property is always a challenging task.

In this blog, we explore the habits and behaviors of scorpions, how they can create problems in your home, how to prevent them, and which Houston pest control company to call to get rid of them safely and effectively.

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Scorpions

Though there are different types of scorpions out there, common house scorpions in Houston are generally two to four inches long and vary in color from yellowish-brown to tan. Their distinguishing characteristics are that they have large pincers, like a lobster or crab, and a large segmented tail with a stinger attached. The tail is long and skinny and curls up over its back.

Scorpions are commonly found in hot, dry climates, making them especially common in the southwestern portion of the United States. They have an exoskeleton made of chitin, similar to shrimp, which helps them resist water loss. Scorpions are also nocturnal.

The Problems Scorpions Create And Indicate Around Your Home

If you find scorpions hanging around your home or on your property, it could signify larger problems. Scorpions will search high and low for water, meaning that if there's an abundance of them on your property, you could have some water leaks. You could also have unsealed cracks and crevices around your house, allowing them a clear opening to get inside.

Scorpions are also attracted to other insects because they feed on them for sustenance. Finding a group of scorpions on your property could indicate that you have a larger insect problem.

Finally, you don't want scorpions hanging around your property because they could sting you and inject you with their venom. 

Six Simple And Successful Scorpion Prevention Tips

The first step to getting rid of scorpions is to follow some preventative tips so they won't return. Some successful prevention tips include:

  • Seal any cracks or crevices around the interior and exterior of your home. Don't give them an entry point.
  • Install dehumidifiers in damp places like the basement, attic, or garage. Scorpions love to hide out in damp, dark places.
  • Inspect your home for insect problems and take steps to eradicate them with professional help.
  • Perform regular landscape maintenance around your home, taking specific care to remove decaying leaves and wet logs on the premises.

While following these preventative tips won't get rid of scorpions completely, it will help deter them from making a home on your Houston property. Using these preventative tips in combination with professional pest control help is a sure way to get rid of them for good.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of Scorpions

The best way to get rid of scorpions safely and effectively is to hire a professional like All-Safe Pest & Termite - Houston. At All-Safe, we know all about scorpions, the ins and outs of their behavior, and how to get them under control. Don't waste any more time on DIY methods or pricey over-the-counter solutions that don't do the job. Call us today for safe and effective scorpion control.

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