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The Trick to Keeping Pantry Pests Out of Your Houston Home

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Pantry pests are known for their expert ability to invade your cabinets and infest your stored food. This can cause several issues, including food contamination and food waste. Following some simple pantry pest prevention tips will help you keep these unwanted insects out of your Houston home.

Pantry Pests to Look Out For

The term "pantry pests" refers to some insects that invade pantries and cupboards of homes all around the country. In general, these insects are weevils, moths, and beetles. They infiltrate your cabinets, searching for foods like flour, cereals, and grains to feed on and lay their eggs. This behavior contaminates your stored food products and can lead to a risk of contracting gastrointestinal illnesses. It may also cause significant food waste when you identify the problem and dispose of all the spoiled food.

Pantry Pest Prevention Tips

To prevent pantry pests from taking over your home, you can look out for these warning signs and follow our prevention tips to stop an infestation in its tracks:

  • When purchasing pantry staples such as flour, cereal, grains, seeds, and nuts, be sure to check the corners of the packaging. Sticky webbing, damaged corners, or clumping grains are significant warning signs that pests have already infested those items.
  • Wipe down your pantry and cupboards regularly, making sure to clean all sides and the very back of the cabinet. Make sure to clean all areas of stickiness, and webbing and double-check for dead insects or larvae.
  • Consider storing all of your packaged foods and grains in plastic or glass containers. Not only do these provide a tighter seal, but the material is also more chew-proof and quickly inspected in case you want to check that your food items are entirely pantry pest-free.

While the above tips can help you catch an infestation that is already underway in your cabinets, the following tips may help you stop adult pests from entering your home in the first place:

  • Seal off potential entry points into your home – this includes gaps and cracks in windows, doors, and the foundation of your property. You will also want to repair broken window and door screens and replace worn-out weather stripping or door sweeps.
  • Throw away older products in your pantry, and make sure always to use open foods before unopened ones. This will help ensure that food doesn't stay too long in your pantry, something that attracts adult pests into your home to lay their eggs.
  • Keep your food storage areas clean and free of clutter. This will help you identify signs of an infestation more easily and can deter insects from moving in. You should also clean up food or liquid spills as soon as possible, as the aroma from these can attract pantry pests and regular insects into your home.

Expert Pest Removal

Pantry pests can be difficult to identify until a major infestation is taking place. For assistance with an existing pest infestation or extra prevention advice, contact the All-Safe Pest & Termite professionals. They can provide you with effective, safe solutions that will have your home free of pantry pests and your food storage safe in no time.

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