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Is Professional Fly Control A Necessity In Plano?

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You’ve heard that unpleasant sound before. It's the buzzing of flies making their approach before they dive bomb onto your exposed skin or zigzag around your head, near your ears. Their fast reflexes always allow them to escape each swipe of your fly swatter.

What a relief that All-Safe Pest & Termite can alleviate the burden of trying to obliterate these winged nuisances by offering the most effective fly control in Plano. If you're ready to restore the tranquility and comfort of your living spaces with the help of pest experts at the helm, keep on reading.

A Guide To Fly Identification: Types And Behaviors

The two main types of house flies that Plano residents are likely to encounter at their homes are fruit flies and blow flies.

Fruit flies have distinctive red eyes with tan or reddish-brown bodies. Overripe or fermenting vegetables, fruits, or other organic materials typically draw them. They prefer to lay their eggs in decomposing matter.

Blow flies, on the other hand, can be recognized by their iridescent or metallic appearance. Larger than their fruit fly counterparts, blow flies are mostly associated with decaying organic matter, such as garbage, food waste, and carcasses. Interestingly, the predictable life cycle of blow flies aids in forensic investigations when estimating the time of death.

As both fly species can become extreme nuisances, you should contact your local pest management specialists to eradicate these insects from your home.

The Dangers Fly Infestations Can Cause In Homes

When flies invade your home, they can create a slew of hazards that go well beyond their aggravating nature. These winged intruders are notorious for carrying and spreading bacteria and pathogens they easily pick up from filthy conditions before transferring them to the items and surfaces in your home.

Exposure to flies can also aggravate respiratory conditions in people suffering from asthma or allergies. Their persistent presence can attract other pests to your home and signal a hygiene issue that you should address immediately.

For the best way to get rid of flies inside your house, reach out to your local pest management company to schedule a thorough property evaluation.

Six Simple Yet Effective Fly Prevention Tips

Like most people, you’re probably not a huge fan of flies, especially when they’ve gotten into your home. To maintain the peace and comfort of your surroundings, make being proactive your primary approach. Take a look at these six simple tips to keep different types of flies away from your place:

  • Keep your trash bins covered with tight lids.
  • Clean up crumbs and spills swiftly.
  • Install screens on windows and doors.
  • Try using natural repelling oils, like eucalyptus and citronella.
  • Inspect and clean drains regularly to eliminate potential breeding sites.
  • Clean your indoor and outdoor living spaces meticulously.

By following these recommendations, you’ll notice a drastic reduction in fly sightings around your property. If you still require help getting rid of house flies, consult with qualified pest professionals in your area.

Getting Rid Of Flies: When To Call In The Experts

If you’re tired of swatting at flies, setting traps, or doing endless DIY methods, it’s time to turn to the professionals from your local fly control company. Persistent fly problems usually signify a more complex issue that takes the expertise of seasoned specialists to resolve.

At All-Safe Pest & Termite, our team of experts has acquired the background, knowledge, and skills to identify the underlying issue and devise an effective action plan to eliminate the pests in Plano. We put the health and safety of your family first by utilizing low-toxicity solutions. Allow us to restore the peacefulness in your household.

Get in touch with us today to receive your complimentary estimate.

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