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What Are Cigarette Beetles?

A common stored product pest that regularly invades Dallas homes and businesses, cigarette beetles, can become a big problem in a fairly short period. These beetles feed on a wide variety of food, including dried tobacco.


Physical features of a cigarette beetle include:

  • An oval-shaped body that is usually reddish-brown, yellowish-brown, or brown.
  • A head bent at a downward angle, giving a humpbacked appearance.
  • A small body size around an eighth of an inch long.
  • Serrated antennae.
  • Hard wing covered in fine hairs.
  • Worm-like larvae are a creamy white color and covered in long hairs.

Cigarette Beetle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

cigarette beetle on counter

Are cigarette beetles dangerous?

Food contamination is the biggest threat when it comes to cigarette beetles. This contamination can be both frustrating and costly. They are not known for spreading diseases that make people ill.

Why do I have a cigarette beetle problem?

The larvae of the cigarette beetle are responsible for contaminating stored food. Their bodies tend to blend in with the food they are feeding on, making an infestation difficult to spot right away. Some of the cigarette beetle’s favorite foods include:

  • Cereal, cornstarch, flour, and powdered milk
  • Dried pasta, crackers, and bread
  • Dried nuts, fruit, spices, and candy
  • Birdseed and dry pet food
  • Dried flowers and dried tobacco
  • Upholstery stuffing

If you are seeing adult cigarette beetles in your home, the bad news is their eggs or larvae are more than likely already inside. The most common way cigarette beetles enter homes is through contaminated stored food products purchased from the grocery store.


Adult cigarette beetles may also find their way into your home on their own after being attracted by outdoor lighting. They move indoors through open windows or doors or spaces in exterior walls.

Where will I find cigarette beetles?

Cigarette beetles often contaminate food products at the processing plant or while in a food storage facility. Once the food products leave the facility, they become common pests inside grocery stores, drug stores, homes, restaurants, and warehouses.


Cigarette beetles are most active in temperatures over 65 degrees and prefer living in dark or low-lit areas. Their ability to hide effectively allows infestations to develop and makes finding and eliminating cigarette beetles tricky.

How do I get rid of cigarette beetles?

Don’t let cigarette beetles become a problem in your Dallas home for another day. Turn to the local pest control experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite to help you eliminate cigarette beetles and prevent future pest problems. We offer peace of mind, modern services, and effective products to maintain a pest-free property. Choose All-Safe Pest & Termite for your pest control needs. Give us a call today to learn more!

How can I prevent cigarette beetles in the future?

Prevent problems with cigarette beetles by partnering with All-Safe Pest & Termite and by implementing the following prevention tips:

  • Inspect food packaging for tears before purchasing dry goods from the store.

  • Avoid the bulk item bin at the grocery or pet store.

  • Store food in your home in airtight containers or the refrigerator.

  • Keep pet food in sealed containers, preferably a metal can.

  • Make sure that door and window screens are intact.

  • Keep doors and windows closed.

  • Turn off outdoor lighting when it is not needed.

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