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If you've found pantry pests in your Dallas home, there are primarily two ways to get rid of them. One is super easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. Yes, seconds. The other is time-consuming. Which would you prefer to hear about first? Good choice. Let's take a look at how you can get rid of pantry pests in seconds.

Quick Pantry Pest Elimination

Before we get to the details of this particular pantry pest control method, it is important to point out that there is a prerequisite. In order for you to take advantage of this method, you have to have your foods stored in sealed plastic containers. If you already have your foods stored in sealed plastic containers, here is what you do to get rid of a pantry pest infestation, in seconds:

Step 1: Pour the contents of the contaminated food into a plastic bag while outside. A plastic bag from the grocery store is great for this kind of job.

Step 2: Put the bag and its contaminated, buggy contents, into your exterior trash receptacle.

Step 3: Clean the container.

We can not emphasize enough how helpful it is to store your pantry products in sealed containers. Pantry pests can enter your home by way of the groceries you purchase from the store. A sealed container prevents pantry pests from moving between food packages and creating a frustrating pest problem. Here are a few more ways containers help:

  • When you transfer food products from their original packaging into sealed containers, you have a chance to examine them for larvae, webbing, or adult insects. This can prevent you from adding "insects" to your meal plan.

  • A sealed container is not able to be breached by pantry pests, or other pests, that might seek to chew a hole to get inside.

  • A sealed container holds the scent of the food inside. This makes them less of an attractant for pests.

  • Products that are put in sealed containers stay fresh longer. This isn't a pest control benefit, but it is a benefit nonetheless.

General Pantry Pest Elimination

If you have not taken the early precaution of putting your pantry foods in sealed containers, the process of getting rid of pantry pests is more detailed.

Step 1: You need to inspect all your foods and throw away any foods that show signs of contamination, such as the appearance of larvae, webbing, or adult insects. Also, check your packages thoroughly. If you see any rips, holes, or other damage, you should throw those items aways. It is best to not take chances when dealing with these potentially pernicious pests.

Step 2: Clean your pantry shelves with soapy water and vacuum the entire pantry thoroughly. Be sure to get cracks and crevices when you vacuum.

Step 3: Consider storing, in your freezer, any foods that are susceptible to infestation, such as flour, pancake mix, grains, etc. Some pantry pests can live a long time without food. Pest activity can begin again, several months after the infestation. Doing this will limit that possibility.

Step 4: Once you've dealt with all the pests in your home, it is time to turn your attention to the exterior of your home. While panty pests could have been introduced to your pantry by-products from the grocery store, it is also possible that they could have come in from the outside. Do a detailed inspection of all your exterior screens and fix any screens that are damaged. Inspect your foundation and exterior walls for entry points, such as gaps around water mains and other utilities. And be sure to fully inspect your exterior doors. There are a surprising number of ways pantry pests can come in through your doors. 

The Do Nots

When dealing with a pantry pest problem you should never use insecticides. It is harmful to use insecticides in or near food products. Also, keep in mind that pantry pests do not spread diseases. They are entirely harmless to you and your family. They don't contaminate food in the way cockroaches or rodents will.

How We Can Help

At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we use Integrated Pest Management to thoroughly address pantry pest infestations without the use of chemicals. Our technicians do the hard work listed above and also deploy appropriate traps to capture adult pantry pests that have evaded the cleaning and purging process.


It pays to have a pest professional handle issues like a pantry pest infestation. This is the kind of pest control problem that can pop up over and over again. Life has enough challenges. The last thing you need is to have to go through all the work of getting rid of an infestation again and again. Reach out to All-Safe Pest & Termite today. Our team of friendly, experienced, and highly-trained professionals looks forward to helping you put this pantry pest infestation behind you.

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