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Fruit flies are irritating pests because they can create a swarm of flies in your home. Sure, they're tiny flies, but they're not so tiny that they can't drive you crazy when you start to see little flies everywhere. If you've had these flies before, you know what we're talking about.


Today, we're going to take a look at a few simple tips that can help you prevent an infestation. We'll also cover a few facts every Dallas resident should know when these flies start to appear. If you're reading this article right now with tiny dots zipping around in front of your monitor and you're looking for immediate pest control in Dallas, you can jump over to our contact page and reach out to us for service. That said - let's get into today's subject.

Simple Yet Effective Fruit Fly Prevention Tips

Fruit flies are hitchhiking pests. While they can come into your home through doors, windows, and gaps, they're more likely to come in with produce from the grocery store. Fruit flies are tiny flies that lay tiny eggs. Their eggs are so small, you would have a very difficult time seeing them with your naked eye. If you hope to prevent a swarm of flies in your home, you need to consider how fruit flies reproduce.

  • When you bring fruit home, consider putting it in the refrigerator. This prevents eggs from hatching. If you keep fruit out, examine the fruit and remove any wounds. These rotten spots could have fruit fly eggs in them.

  • Store potatoes in a sealed bin. If you leave potatoes out, make sure they don't start to get rotten. The scent can attract fruit flies that are outside of your home, particularly if you have a garden, fruit trees, or some other fruit fly attractant in your yard.

  • Store onions in the refrigerator. These can also be attractive to fruit flies when they start to go bad.

  • Clean spills up as quickly as possible. A sticky juice stain can allow hundreds of fruit flies to reproduce in your home.

  • Keep your kitchen trash covered.

The Problem With Fruit Flies In Your Home

In most cases, fruit flies are not a health concern. If you keep a clean home, there is a low risk of contamination or sickness. Issues arise when fruit flies have access to rotting organic material. They're known to spread tiny microorganisms, like salmonella. Be cautious.

How To Identify A Fruit Fly Infestation In Your Home

When you start to see little flies everywhere, it is important to know that they might not be fruit flies. If they aren't fruit flies, you're not going to have success using fruit fly control products and methods to control them. Here are three common flies that get mistaken for fruit flies:

  • Phorid flies are black flies that run across surfaces when you approach. These flies are drawn to human and pet waste and you may see them around your cat box, or flying around in your bathroom.

  • Fungus gnats are tiny black flies that hang out around potted plants. If you see tiny flies on plants, they're probably fungus gnats.

  • Drain flies are little flies that look like moths. You'll find them near drains.

If you're not seeing tiny flies in your bathroom, tiny flies on plants, or tiny flies near the drains in your kitchen, pantry, or workshop, then they might be fruit flies. If you're able to get a close look at one, you should be able to visually identify it. Fruit flies are yellowish-orange insects with red eyes.

The Most Effective Fly Control For Your Dallas Home

When Dallas residents reach out to us here at All-Safe Pest & Termite with questions about fruit flies, the question we get most often is whether or not fruit fly traps work to catch fruit flies. Can you catch fruit flies with a glass jar of vinegar and dish soap? Absolutely. But fruit fly traps only address the symptom. They don't deal with the source. If you don't address the breeding site, you're going to keep seeing fruit flies everywhere. You need to find the breeding site.


If you can't find where fruit flies are breeding in your home and you've had it with these little pests, it might be time to hire a residential pest control professional. This is where we can help. The technicians here at All-Safe Pest & Termite know where fruit flies breed, what conducive conditions promote reproduction, and how to effectively get rid of fruit flies. We'll help you solve the mystery. Hop over to our contact page and drop us a line. We look forward to helping you get back to that wonderful time in your life when you didn't have fruit flies everywhere. Those were the day, weren't they?

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