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Wolf spiders are among the scariest looking spiders you'll find in your Dallas home. They tend to be big, which can make them intimidating to look at, and they're also hairy. If you've had enough of finding big, hairy spiders in unexpected places within your home, the first step is taking measures to keep spiders away from your property. Let's take a look at how this works.

The Most Amazing Habitat For A Wolf Spider

When a wolf spider comes into your yard, it will feel at home if you provide an appropriate habitat. There are many conditions that can promote wolf spider activity.

  • Tall grass

  • Dense vegetation

  • Scrap wood left over from a construction project

  • Campfire wood in a pile near your fire pit

  • Moist ground

  • Lots and lots of bugs

  • Ground holes

  • Wood pallets with grass growing up around them

  • A dirty void under a shed or deck

  • Leaf litter

  • Dead branches stacked in a pile

  • Rock piles

If these, or other conducive conditions, can be found on your Dallas property, you're going to invite wolf spiders to live in your yard. This will increase your chances of having unwanted encounters with wolf spiders inside your home, or in a storage shed on your property.

Stay On Top Of Yard Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do to deter wolf spiders is to reduce harborage options. Keep in mind that these harborage areas will also attract the insects, invertebrates, and small vertebrates that spiders eat, such as crickets, grasshoppers, ants, beetles, earwigs, lizards, other spiders, and more. Yard maintenance is essential.

  • Keep your grass and landscaping trimmed.

  • Remove unnecessary plants from your landscaping and yard.

  • Rake and blow leaves away from the exterior walls of any structures on your property.

  • Be sure to get leaves out from underneath structures as well.

  • Store all wood products well away from your exterior, including wood pallets that have items stored on top.

  • Fill in any ground holes and remove objects that are in piles.

Remove Attractants

If a wolf spider finds lots of food in your yard, it will be happy to stay. Once you've considered areas of harborage, you need to turn your attention to additional attractants that can lure wolf spider food into your yard. Many of these will work to directly deter wolf spiders as well. 


  • Water is a building block of life. If you have puddles or containers that capture rainwater, you'll provide a drink for all the pests that come into your yard. The first step is to remove objects that collect rainwater or protect them so that they don't.

  • Moisture is essential for many pests. It keeps their skin hydrated. There are many conditions that can cause the perimeter around your home to be damp. The two you should consider first are clogged gutters or thick vegetation. Clogged gutters will allow rainwater to flow over your gutters and onto the ground near your home. Thick vegetation prevents proper air flow which keeps your plants from getting dry.

  • Light attracts many insects. If you have lights on at night, insects will take notice. We recommend turning lights off, keeping shades drawn, or replacing white outdoor lights with yellow lights.

  • Many pests are attracted to seeds. If you have bird feeders, they can be a catalyst for wolf spider activity. Move bird feeders away from your exterior.

  • Many pests are attracted to decaying organic matter found in trash receptacles. Remove trash weekly and deodorize your receptacles if they start to smell.

  • Aphids, white flies, and other plant-damaging pests are attracted to unhealthy plants. Make sure your plants have what they need to be healthy and strong.

The Best Solution For Wolf Spiders

Life can get busy. Who has time to perform routine maintenance to prevent wolf spiders? If you're thinking, "Not me," then we have some good news for you. When you invest in residential pest control with All-Safe Pest & Termite, we use control products to get the best possible control of pest activity. This, in turn, works to reduce wolf spider activity. As an example, if ants are an issue, we will apply appropriate baits to eliminate their colonies. This removes ants as a food source for wolf spiders. When you have fewer pests around your Dallas home, you'll have fewer issues with wolf spiders. It is as simple as that.

Dallas Residential Pest Control

Are you ready to say goodbye to unwanted spider encounters in your Dallas home? We're here to help. Reach out to All-Safe Pest & Termite today to schedule a service visit. We'll guide you in finding the right plan to address your specific pest concerns. Our five-star team is looking forward to helping you make hairy, scary, wolf spider sightings a thing of the past.

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