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When it comes to solving problems, there are often many solutions, and some are better than others. The same is true of dealing with the threat of fleas and ticks. Today, we're going to look at how fleas and ticks come into your yard and discuss a few ways you can solve this pest problem. You decide what will work best for you.

How Fleas & Ticks Find Their Way Onto Your Property

A flea isn't going to hop its way into your yard, and a tick isn't going to crawl its way into your yard. Both of these pests are carried onto properties by wild animals. When they're dropped in your yard by animals, they can get onto a dog, a cat, or even a human. This is typically how they are carried into the house. They can also be brought into structures by rats and mice. Flea control begins with wildlife management.

How To Naturally Make Your Property Less Appealing To Fleas & Ticks

We're often asked: "What attracts fleas and ticks?" and "How can I make my property less appealing?" The obvious answer is that you can't. Fleas and ticks don't choose to live on your property. But there are ways to make your property less appealing to the animals that carry them into your yard.

  • Squirrels - It might be fun to watch squirrels in your yard or feed them peanuts so they'll come in close to you while you're on your deck, but we don't recommend doing this. If you encourage squirrels, they can drop fleas and ticks near your home as they scamper around. We would also recommend picking up acorns, nuts, and fruits that fall from trees. This will discourage squirrel activity and help with flea and tick prevention.

  • Raccoons - When squirrels come into your yard to look inside your trash or knock your trash over, they can drop fleas and ticks. Make your yard less appealing to these critters by managing your trash. Keep receptacles covered, free of odors, and secured in place.

  • Skunks - There are several animals, like the skunk, that may decide to live on your property. When they do, they can create a flea and tick problem. You can make your property less appealing by using fencing material to protect voids underneath structures, such as a deck, porch, or patio. When these animals can't live under your home, shed, or other structures on your property, they'll spend less time in your yard. 

  • Birds - Ground animals are not the only animals that bring ticks into your yard. A bird can have fleas and ticks on it. If you remove bird feeders or move them well away from your exterior, you can reduce the chances that birds will drop fleas and ticks near your home. Removing bird feeders can also deter several other animals, as birdseed is a sought-after food source for many wildlife pests.

  • Mice and rats - These two kinds of rodents are the worst of the bunch. They don't just bring fleas and ticks into your yard, they can get into your home and drop these pests off on every level. When you take time to seal exterior holes and gaps, you can prevent this from happening. Mice and rats are attracted to tight spaces and will take advantage of any entry point you give them. We also recommend removing hiding places in your yard, such as stacked wood, brush piles, and yard clutter.

Wildlife prevention is a great form of tick and flea prevention, and taking time to apply these tips can prevent having to pay for a tick or flea treatment for your home. Is it the most effective way to control these pests? No. But it's all-natural and often enough to get the job done.

How Fleas & Ticks Are Similarly Dangerous

You are now equipped to perform natural tick prevention, but is this the most effective way to deal with the problem of fleas and ticks? If fleas and ticks were only miserable pests that bite you, we'd say yes. Unfortunately, there are many ways these two pests can be dangerous to human health, not to mention the health of dogs and cats. We recommend looking at what the CDC has to say about flea and tick diseases so that you are equipped to make the right decision about flea and tick control.

The Best Way To Keep Fleas & Ticks Away From Your Property

You might not know this but a licensed pest professional can perform treatments around your home to keep fleas and ticks from living on your property. This is a great way to keep them from getting on you and your pets. If you'd like to learn how flea and tick pest control in Dallas works, we'd be happy to answer your questions. Reach out to us here at All-Safe Pest & Termite. We use industry-leading pest control solutions to address all of the common pests in the Dallas area. We have the answers you're looking for. 

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