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Cicada Killers In Fort Worth: Expert Advice On Prevention And Control

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Cicada killer pest control in Fort Worth is important for area homeowners, and today’s article will provide you with some expert advice relevant to controlling and preventing these pests from causing problems. Fort Worth residents are no strangers to cicada killer wasps, and of course, during seasons when there are more cicadas present, there’s generally a higher chance of encountering cicada killer wasps, who like to prey on these other pests. Today, we will introduce you to the method these wasps use to hunt their prey, their level of danger to humans, and how you can prevent them from coming near your house or your yard.

How Cicada Killers Hunt And Paralyze Their Prey

Do cicada killer wasps sting their prey? Yes, they do, and in fact, this is precisely how they hunt their prey. And as we’ve already touched on, cicada killers do indeed hunt cicadas. While it’s possible for cicada killers to confront their prey in the air, it’s more common for them to look for cicadas in trees or on the ground. A cicada killer’s sting is its greatest weapon, and while these stings aren’t terribly dangerous to humans, they can effectively paralyze cicadas. 

From there, cicada killers try to carry their relatively large prey back to their burrows, and in the process, they may have to fend off some of their compatriots who want that prey for themselves. 

We know that these wasps are dangerous to cicadas, but are cicada killers dangerous to humans?

Cicada Killers Aren't As Scary As They Look

There’s no doubt that cicada killer wasps can look pretty intimidating, with severe coloring and the strength to carry insects much larger than they are. But are cicada killers dangerous? For most people, the answer is no. In this way, cicada killers are similar to quite a few other varieties of wasps. 

Yes, cicada killer wasps can sting humans, and they’re most likely to do so if you threaten them or their burrows directly. However, a single sting won’t do much other than cause some pain and leave a mark. It’s an unpleasant experience but not much more than that. Even so, an individual who has an allergy to insect stings needs to be much more careful, since a sting could lead to a highly dangerous reaction. 

Cicada killers are not dangerous to most people, but for anyone who knows they have an allergy or thinks they might have an allergy, it’s best to stay far away from cicada killers entirely. If you need help controlling a wasp population in Fort Worth, call All-Safe Pest & Termite for professional assistance. 

Cicada Killer Prevention Tips That Work

If you’re asking yourself how to get rid of cicada killer wasps naturally, consider starting with some basic cicada killer prevention tips.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

  • Take care of your lawn: Cicada killers prefer dry, bare soil.
  • Fill in holes: If you notice holes in your lawn or around your home left by other pests, fill them with mulch or fresh soil and encourage growth in these areas.
  • Curb the cicada population nearby: Covering small trees with mesh netting can deter cicadas. Also, keep trees and bushes well-trimmed.  

If none of these steps seem to be working or if you’re already seeing lots of cicada killers around your home, then your best option is to partner with the pest control experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite. 

Contact Us For Help To Safely Remove A Cicada Killer Infestation

If you’re wondering how to destroy a cicada killer nest, take a step back and consider the alternative: working with a professional pest control service. Hiring pest control professionals is the safest and most convenient option for controlling and eliminating nearby cicada killers near your home. To move forward with professional cicada killer wasp extermination or to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Fort Worth, please contact All-Safe Pest & Termite by phone or through our website.

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