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Termite Control 101: Houston's Complete Guide To Termite Control

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Houston is a fine place to live because of the great weather, excellent sports teams, fantastic food, and historical sights. However, pests like termites also call this city home and may create colonies on your property. 

A termite infestation should be treated without delay, as these insect pests create billions of dollars in damage annually. Learn more about termites and how pest control in Houston can protect your home against these pests.

What Are Termite Swarmers?

If you see termite swarmers on your property, it’s a clear sign you likely have a termite infestation in your Houston home. So, what exactly are these insects?

Well, termite swarmers are also known as alates. These insects are mature termites ready to fly away from their current colony and start new ones. The sole focus of termite swarmers is to reproduce. They have two sets of wings that are pale and prominent.

Compared to soldiers or worker termites, termite swarmers will eventually become the new king and queen of a future colony. Usually, new swarmers emerge in the springtime when temperatures are around 70 degrees. A new colony may not produce alates until after three or four years.

Why Termites Infest Wooden Structures

If there’s any reason to contact a termite specialist near you, it’s because termites can infest multiple spots on your property. Wooden structures like walls, floors, ceilings, fences, and window frames are vulnerable to termite damage. However, termites especially like to infest wood with damage from moisture or fungi because it’s an easy target.

So, do termites eat wood? Yes as termites tunnel through wood to move around your property and carve out space for a colony they are ingesting the cellulose material in the wood, breaking it down, and leaving piles of sawdust or pale, wood-like pellets in their wake.

Upon closer inspection, you may see small holes where termites have bored. These insects will expel discarded wings, dead insects, and frass from holes. So, it’s reasonable to suspect that you have a pest infestation if you see signs of termites on your property.

Why Annual Termite Inspections Are Worth It

Unless you know what to look for, you might have an infestation of termites quietly eating away at the structural integrity of your home for years. Whether you recently moved into a new build or have been in your home for years, it pays to have an annual inspection from a pest control company like All-Safe Pest & Termite.

Termites in Houston are very adept at hiding in multiple places around your property. Typically, there is a main colony outside and secondary colonies inside your home’s walls or flooring. Make a point to schedule an appointment with All-Safe Pest & Termite for termite control services and an extensive inspection of your property.

So, what takes place during a termite inspection? Here are some things to know:

  • A friendly, knowledgeable technician will check the interior and exterior of your property.
  • Some of the signs of an infestation include visible insect bodies, discarded wings, mud tubes, blistered wood, or frass but there are other less obvious signs a professional can pick up on.
  • A technician will look for points of entry that need to be fixed or replaced. Baseboards, doors, cabinets, closets, walls, window frames, and other areas will be inspected.

Based on the type of termites on your property and the extent of damage, a Houston termite control company can help develop a treatment and prevention plan for termites.

Why Professional Termite Control In Houston Is Necessary

Once termites have established a colony within your home, over-the-counter or homemade solutions won’t suffice to get rid of these pests. Call All-Safe Pest & Termite for effective, long-lasting termite service near your home if you want the best solution to a termite problem.

For over 30 years, All-Safe Pest & Termite has served the people of Houston when they need termite control or other pest solutions. We provide eco-friendly treatments to remove pests from your home and keep them from returning. Call All-Safe Pest & Termite today to learn about our residential and commercial pest control services in Houston.

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