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Are You Struggling With Roof Rats Invading Your Katy Property

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a roof rat inside a home

Roof rats might become a nuisance for homeowners in Katy throughout the year, especially when the weather gets cooler. You're not alone if you feel constantly locked in a battle against roof rats invading your home. Get in touch with a Katy pest control company to help prevent and remove these rodents safely and effectively.

What Do Roof Rats Look Like?

Unless you are an expert at identifying different rodents, it's easy to confuse roof rats with mice. However, roof rats in Katy are a special breed among the different types of rats that make Katy their home.

Here are some characteristics to help you identify this pest:

  • These rodents look like house mice but are brown or black with a gray or white underbelly.
  • Adults measure between six to eight inches in length and have a long, scaly tail that is seven to ten inches in length.
  • Roof rats have prominent, large ears and eyes, soft fur, and a pointed nose.

Once you determine that roof rats are running amok on your Katy property, you need to contact a dependable rat pest control service immediately. These rodents can significantly damage personal possessions, chew wiring, and spread disease and parasites if left untreated.

The Damage and Dangers Roof Rats Can Create

Have you noticed signs of roof rats? If so, protecting your family and property from adverse health problems associated with rodent pests is critical. Spaces contaminated with roof rat droppings, urine, and nesting material may trigger an allergic reaction or transmit airborne diseases and bacteria.

Because rodents have an innate need to constantly chew, they may upset the structural integrity in a home, as well as chew drywall, leaving holes, and destroying wiring. During the night, nocturnal roof rats may scurry around or make noise from between walls, crawl spaces, or in the attic or roof.

If roof rats nest inside your home between walls or under the eaves, your property may be more susceptible to leaks, mold, and higher energy bills. Roof rats can destroy insulation and leave behind soiled nesting areas. Their droppings and urine can contaminate food and surfaces in your home.

You can regain control of your Katy home and safely remove pests like roof rats. Protecting your family, pets, and property against roof rats and their damage requires the assistance of a pest control company like All-Safe Pest & Termite.

Five Eco-Friendly Tips to Deter Roof Rats

How to get rid of roof rats? You can use some eco-friendly methods to make roof rats less comfortable in your home and keep them at bay.

Try the following:

  1. Put peppermint oil or ammonia down in areas where roof rats might congregate.
  2. Get rid of any clutter like cardboard boxes, stacks of newspaper, and other materials that could be useful as nesting material.
  3. Ensure your roof and walls are in good repair. Replace or fix loose shingles, seal up cracks and crevices, and check wiring and plumbing.
  4. Remove sources of moisture and repair leaking pipes. Check for moisture damage in the roof, walls, crawl spaces, and attic.
  5. Seal up food and garbage in containers that pests cannot enter.

Be aware that home solutions may help prevent a problem with roof rats, but they are not likely to be as effective at getting rid of roof rats as a treatment from a Katy rodent control service.

The Most Effective Roof Rat Control For Katy Homes

You invest a lot into your Katy home to ensure your family is safe, protected, and lives well. Pests like roof rats can put a dent in your happiness, create chaos, and potentially make your family sick. When you need a dependable rat pest control solution, the best option is to contact All-Safe Pest & Termite.

We at All-Safe Pest & Termite have been removing, treating, and preventing pests for over three decades. As an established, local, family-owned, and operated business, we fully understand how pests operate. We ensure that our clients have trustworthy, professional technicians to inspect their homes and apply a pest control treatment that works and is long-lasting.

Your pest problems deserve to be treated by the best rat control company in the area. Give All-Safe Pest & Termite a call today to learn more about our effective residential and commercial pest control services in Katy and end your roof rat pest problem.

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