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How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees On Your Fort Worth Property

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Carpenter bees are a solitary species. Instead of creating a hive and living with a colony, carpenter bees live alone. Solitary species tend to be less of a threat than social species as individuals cannot swarm as a colony would. Still, you shouldn't take the presence of carpenter bees lightly. 

Below you can find more information on carpenter bees and how Fort Worth pest control experts can help treat them.

How To Identify Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are a large species, ranging between ½ to 1 ½ inches long. They have a similar appearance to bumblebees but can be identified by their black, shiny, and hairless abdomens. Carpenter bees are primarily black, but the males can have white or yellow faces.

If you see a carpenter bee without a stinger, it is a male as only the females have stingers.

The Problems Carpenter Bees Can Cause On Your Property

Carpenter bees can cause several different problems on your property. These problems range from damage and attraction of other critters and stings.

  • Damage: Carpenter bees bore holes into wood to create their nests. At the same time, one or even a handful of these bees won’t cause significant damage right away, but they can over time.
  • Other Pests: Carpenter bee larvae is a favorite food of woodpeckers, which will peck around nests, increasing the damage. Plus, depending on where the carpenter bee nest is located, the sound of a woodpecker might cost stress or lead to a lack of sleep for some people.
  • Carpenter Bee Stings: Carpenter bees are stinging insects, and a sting from a female can be painful and can trigger an allergic reaction for some people. You should always be wary of stinging insects, especially if you have children or pets living in your home, as a sting can have a more significant effect on them.

In general, pests are not welcome on any property, so it is always best to get expert advice and opinions even if carpenter bees don’t seem like a significant problem.

Why You Should Call The Pros About A Carpenter Bee Infestation

Although carpenter bees bore into wood, they are excellent pollinators and should be removed with care as people rely on pollinating insects for most of the food we consume. Because of this, the best way to get rid of carpenter bees is with expert pest control services. 

Fort Worth residents should contact All-Safe Pest & Termite to assist with carpenter bees. Trying to get rid of carpenter bees alone may exacerbate the issue. Instead, allow our expert technicians to perform a complete inspection of your property to determine why you have a problem with this pest. This will implement the appropriate treatments and keep the pest from reinvading.

Avoid carpenter bee stings by giving us a call at All-Safe Pest & Termite to learn more about our services.

How To Prevent Carpenter Bees From Returning To Your Property

To keep carpenter ants from returning to your property after professional treatment, you should utilize the following prevention tips:

  • Remove stumps and fallen trees.
  • Use varnish, paint, or stain on wood items around your home.
  • Repair holes in wood, shingles, and exterior walls.
  • Use hardwoods instead of softwoods whenever possible. 

Don’t forget to contact us at All-Safe Pest & Termite to learn more about Fort Worth pest control! We have the services and treatments to meet all your pest control needs, keeping you and your family safe during our process!

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