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How To Keep Paper Wasps Away From Your Dallas Yard

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Dallas is notorious for having one of the hottest social scenes in Texas, and just as residents and tourists alike love to socialize in the beautiful city, so do paper wasps. Paper wasps are what you would call social insects. They live in colonies, and unfortunately, they will often choose to build their colonies on your property.

As their name suggests, they build their nests out of gray, paper-like materials that resemble honeycombs. You usually will find their nests around the exteriors of your home, but they can find their way indoors too. Either way, their nests have no place in or around your home. If you see these social insects building nests on your property, call your local Dallas pest control experts immediately.

How To Identify Paper Wasps

In your mind, you probably think that you don't want to be close enough to them to be able to identify the type of wasp on your property. But the good thing about wasp identification is knowing what you're dealing with and how dangerous the wasp is. Luckily, paper wasps are pretty easy to identify, so you'll be able to protect your home and family using preventive tips.

'What does a paper wasp look like?' Paper wasps have some pretty distinctive features. Their bodies are typically brown but can sometimes appear black, and they have yellow, sometimes red, markings on their bodies. Size-wise, they can grow anywhere between ½ and ¾ of an inch in length. 

Why You Don't Want Wasps Hanging Around Your Yard

You may find yourself asking, "Do paper wasps sting, or are they dangerous?" And the answer to both questions is yes. Paper wasps do sting, but they typically aren't aggressive insects, so the only reason they will sting is if they feel threatened or if their nest is in danger. So if you attempt to remove a paper wasp nest with a broom or spray of some sort, be prepared for a rude awakening, as their stings can be extremely painful and can cause mild to severe allergic reactions for some.

Five Environmentally-Friendly Wasp Prevention Tips For Your Yard

The key to wasp prevention for your yard is, ideally, to make your yard unattractive to them. These five eco-friendly prevention tips will help keep these pests out of your yard.

  • Place fake wasps nests around your home; if paper wasps see a nest on your property already, they're likely not going to build another within around 100 feet of another nest.
  • Keep your yard free of natural debris as paper wasps are attracted to organic materials like leaves, tree branches, etc.
  • Avoid wearing floral-scented perfume outdoors.
  • Keep overhanging tree branches trimmed.
  • Keep your home free of food sources such as scraps, pet food, and open garbage cans.

These wasp prevention measures are not only eco-friendly but effective. But you also have to keep in mind that these methods are best after nest removal services. So you first need to rid your home of the wasps, then these tips will be more effective.

The Most Effective Wasp Control For Dallas Yards

The most effective wasp control for your Dallas yard is, without a doubt, professional services. Here at All-Safe Pest & Termite, we can treat all sorts of stinging insects and know exactly how to handle paper wasps. Call now for additional information on our paper wasp nest removal services or the other pest control services we offer.

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