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house spider crawling on a kitchen counter

How Dangerous Are House Spiders In Houston?

December 27, 2021

The answer to the question of how dangerous house spiders are is – not very. Common house spiders can inflict a venomous bite (as can all spiders). However, this bite is unlikely to be any worse than a bee sting for most people. Only people with insect or arachnid venom allergies have anything to worry about. ... Read More

a brown recluse spider crawling on a porch

Plano's Practical Brown Recluse Spider Control Guide

September 7, 2021

There are only two spiders in the United States venomous to people: black widows and brown recluse spiders. While black widows are easier to identify with their black bodies and reddish hour-glass marking, brown recluse spiders are not as easily identified. ... Read More


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