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a wasp that landed on a green leaf

The Secret To Effective Wasp Control For Houston, TX Properties

October 25, 2021

Few things will keep a person from leaving their home to go to work. One thing we can think of that regularly keeps people indoors is wasps. All it takes is one of these pests buzzing around a front door to cause most individuals hesitation in leaving the safety of their home.... Read More

a carpenter bee on a branch

How Big A Problem Are Carpenter Bees In Fort Worth?

August 15, 2021

Most people have a hard time understanding carpenter bees because they are not like traditional bees. They do not live in large nests, they do not produce honey, and they tend to stick to themselves. The only similarities carpenter bees have to honey bees is that they have similar anatomy and are active pollinators.... Read More

a yellow jacket on a leaf in a fort worth home garden

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets On Your Fort Worth Property 

June 23, 2021

There are two kinds of yellow jackets in Texas, the southern yellow jacket (Vespula squamosa (Drury)) and the eastern yellow jacket (Vespula maculifrons (Buysson)). They are both black with yellow markings and clear wings. While foraging, yellow jackets rarely sting. Yellow jackets nest in the ground and will aggressively defend their nest. ... Read More


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