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cockroach on a kitchen countertop

As Fort Worth residents, we love going out and about. There’s tons to do in our city, but sometimes it’s nice to slow down a little. Kicking back on your recliner and watching TV is a great way to get out of the heat, and, of course, there’s no place like home. However, your living room will quickly go from cozy to creepy when you see a roach climbing up a wall or darting into a corner. And, to make matters worse, making your skin crawl is…

a bark scorpion in a yard

As human beings, we generally equate size with danger. “Wow, that’s a very large bear. We probably shouldn’t go over in that direction”, or “That guy is smaller than me. I could take him”. That’s just the way we think, in general. However, in the world of pest control, it’s sometimes the smallest pests that can be the most dangerous. Even though there are four different species of scorpion that could be on our Frisco properties…

flea crawling on a home surface

People say that competition is healthy. On a sports team or in the workplace, pitting two people with similar roles against each other can help both of them perform at high levels. Fleas and ticks on our Frisco properties do the same thing. They may be very different pests, but they infiltrate our homes in similar ways and cause roughly the same amount of damage. Usually, if you’re dealing with one, you could be dealing with the other. It’s…

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