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You probably won’t see these pests rummaging about your backyard, but you will notice their presence one way or the other!

a mole digging up a lawn

Moles are small, 5-7 inch mammals covered in dark brown or black fur. They use their eyeless heads and strong snouts for pushing dirt and grime out of the way during tunneling, which is their chief profession. Large paws and long claws are some of their most definable characteristics.

While moles around your Frisco property are not able to hurt you or your pets, they will be able to destroy where you live. In fact, property damage and mole activity are phrases that go hand in hand. Moles are capable of digging tunnels at rates that reach 15 feet per hour, making quick work of your grass and home foundation. Unlike voles, moles feast on meat and other proteins, eating their own body weight in worms every day. This activity will quickly deplete your lawn of worms, which are vital to the success of an outdoor area.

Moles rarely have contact with humans, although we can feel their presence around the entire yard. If moles have come calling on your Frisco yard, you may want to consider acting fast.

The Best (And Worst) Ways To Prevent Moles On Your Frisco Property

Although many homeowners would like to think that a small, furry mammal couldn’t get the best of them, the truth is that mole control is incredibly difficult for the untrained and trained alike. Due to their small sizes and quiet movements, it can be difficult to locate moles while in the yard. What’s worse, moles may adapt to various treatments and remedies, reducing the homeowner’s chances for success. Some of the least effective methods of mole control are:

  • Noisemakers

  • Folk remedies

  • Over the counter baits, traps, and sprays

Interested to know if your current mole DIY is effective? Get a free home inspection with the helpful professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite today.

Want True Mole Control In Frisco? Get All-Safe Pest & Termite!

If there’s one thing you don’t need this year, it’s a backyard mole infestation. Creating holes and tunneling systems all over your luscious lawn, there will be little time for a homeowner to react when an infestation has grown to dangerous proportions. While traps, baits, and some abatement materials can mitigate your risks for infestation, they will not eradicate the mammals once they have established a strong presence in the yard. To protect your home from difficult and destructive mole infestations, it will be necessary to rely on professional help from a trusted pest control agency.

For true mole control, unsurpassed in all areas, contact the award-winning team at All-Safe Pest & Termite right away. Acting as the largest family-owned pest control company in North Texas, our team holds a strong conviction that quality is always the best policy. Our unique mole control plan features a set of low toxicity treatments and follow-up visits that ensure the elimination of moles the first time – guaranteed! All-Safe Pest & Termite is passionate about keeping Frisco homes safe, and even more passionate about instructing our friends and neighbors in how they can prevent pests from the get-go.

Get more information about All-Safe Pest & Termite’s mole control plan by calling the Frisco office branch today. Our service agents are standing by to receive your phone call or the online contact form at the earliest convenience. After all, our services are all about you!

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