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millipede curled up on a patio

Centipedes and millipedes always give a shock to Fort Worth, TX residents. These monstrous insects are startling with their long bodies and many legs. Fort Worth homeowners would do well to avoid these unsightly pests, but unfortunately, they are not always easy to remove – or to identify. To learn more about these many-legged critters, let’s talk about what attracts centipedes and millipedes to your Fort Worth home, how to identify…

mosquito perched on grass

If you had to guess what insect is the most dangerous on the planet, what would you say? If mosquitoes came to your mind, you would be correct. Health and pest professionals submit that these flying bugs are a major medical threat to humans. They put a damper on picnics, sports games, and other outdoor activities, but the reality is that mosquitoes are capable of far worse than mere annoyance. The reason they buzz around you is that they want…

indian meal moth crawling on food container

It’s something we take for granted every day. There’s plenty of food closed up tightly behind the pantry door. All we have to do is open it and grab a snack. And when it’s time for dinner, we reach in and grab the rice or the flour and start mixing up the evening’s delicacy. We don’t really stop to think about how well we store our food and grains, and we definitely don’t think about something laying eggs in our stored foods, either…

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