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close up of a chigger

How To Get Rid Of Chiggers In Your Houston Home

July 28, 2021

For a bug so small that you can hardly spot it with the naked eye, chiggers can cause a lot of pain in your Houston home. This member of the mite family is fire engine red in coloring and resembles a hybrid of a tick and bed bug, with its flat ovular shape that resembles an apple seed, six legs, and set of antennae.... Read More

a chigger in a home in frisco

What To Do About Chiggers In Your Houston Home

June 26, 2021

If you happen to have a residential or commercial property anywhere in Texas, you probably are familiar with pests known as chiggers. If you have never heard of or seen a chigger in action, consider these pests to be the larval stage of a mite.... Read More


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