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a  mouse in a kitchen pantry

Why Are There Pantry Pests In My Houston, TX Home?

October 26, 2021

Everyone has a different level of tolerance for pests. Some do not mind if they find the occasional insect crawling on their floor. Others would go as far as to tolerate spider webs around the exterior of their home. But we think it is fair to say that no one finds it acceptable for bugs to lay eggs inside their food. ... Read More

a tick crawling on the back of a womens neck

How To Keep Ticks Off Of Your Houston, TX Property

October 24, 2021

A creature’s size does not dictate its threat level. The world’s most dangerous animal is a bug. Although the bug we are talking about today is not the most dangerous, it still poses some serious risks to people in the Houston area.... Read More

a scorpion crawling on a rock

How Dangerous Are Striped Bark Scorpions In Houston, TX?

October 22, 2021

Of all the pests that might invade your home, which is the one you are most worried about? Most people would weigh their options and decide that nothing is worse than finding a scorpion indoors. Whether this is how you feel or not, we can all agree that these stinger-tailed bugs are not a pest anyone wants to find indoors.  ... Read More

up close image of a fly on wood

Seven Simple Yet Effective Fly Control Tips For Fort Worth, TX Homes

October 14, 2021

Nothing ruins a family dinner faster than a bunch of flies. These small pests are notorious for how annoying they are and the way they regularly get into homes. Our question for you today is, what are you doing to combat flies around your Fort Worth home? If your answer is, “Not much," then we are here to help with these seven simple yet effective fly control tips.... Read More

a carpet beetle crawling on fibers

Houston's Complete Guide To Carpet Beetle Control

September 30, 2021

Carpet beetles are one pest you do not want to have in your home as they can do significant damage to your belongings. Depending on the species, carpet beetles will vary in color or mottled patterns from red, black, white, and yellow. Another characteristic of this pest includes a body that looks similar to a ladybug.... Read More

a cricket crawling on grass

How To Get Rid Of Crickets On Your Houston, TX Property

September 26, 2021

You are probably familiar with the iconic chirping noise of crickets, which is made by male crickets of some species when they rub their wings together. For the most part, this insect doesn’t cause much concern like other pests do.  ... Read More

a scorpion crawling on dirt

Answers To Fort Worth's Most Common Scorpion Questions

September 24, 2021

While scorpions are not a problem for many places all over the country, if you have lived in Fort Worth, Texas, for some time, chances are you have seen a scorpion or two. If you can keep your distance, scorpions might be a cool sight to see, especially species like striped bark scorpions, which glow under ultraviolet light. ... Read More

a deer tick crawling on human skin and spreading disease

What You Should Know About Ticks And Lyme Disease In Frisco, TX

September 14, 2021

Ticks are external parasites and vectors of dangerous diseases. Because they are vectors, the diseases don’t originate from the tick, but instead, they can carry and transmit them to hosts., which means not all ticks carry the disease. The most common vector of Lyme disease is deer ticks.... Read More

a silverfish crawling on a book

The Problem With Silverfish In Your Houston, TX Home

September 11, 2021

This is one "fish" you won’t want to brag about catching. For many homeowners in the U.S., silverfish are annoying houseguests that spoil their house's otherwise clean and tidy atmosphere. They aren’t necessarily the worst pest you can have, but the problem with silverfish in your Houston home is how difficult they can be to get rid of.... Read More

millipedes crawling on dirt

Are Millipedes In Plano, TX Dangerous?

September 5, 2021

You are probably familiar with the millipedes, or at least their name. But how much do you actually know about them? Not a lot? That’s okay, their name is a bit misleading, and they don’t necessarily rank high on the home-invading pest list that people worry about. ... Read More

an up close image of a silverfish crawling on a basement floor

How To Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Houston, TX Home

August 31, 2021

Most insects and creatures are unsightly, gross, and aggravating. People naturally don’t want to be anywhere near them, much less study them. However, a little bit of research is needed if you want to know how to keep them out of your Houston home. ... Read More

an up close image of a striped black scorpion crawling on a tree

A Complete Scorpion Control Guide For Houston, TX Properties

August 29, 2021

Scorpions are some of the most intimidating and scary-looking creatures on the planet. First, they can be very large. Some are as big as a human palm. Second, they have huge claws you could be pinched by. Third, they wield stingers that are packed with venom.... Read More

an up close image of a blow fly on meat

Are Blow Flies In Houston, TX Dangerous?

August 27, 2021

If there was a list for the most annoying pest groups in the world, flying insects would likely top it. They are very persistent and won’t stop swarming around you until they get what they want. In some cases, they’re after your blood or bodily fluids, like sweat.... Read More

a deer tick on human skin

Just How Dangerous Are Ticks In Houston, TX?

August 25, 2021

Pests that drink the blood of humans and animals are some of the most dangerous on earth. The medical threat with these pests is very high because diseases can be transmitted. In a lot of cases, they are small in size. This allows them to move about without being detected, especially when their bites are not painful or prickly. ... Read More

street view of a large two story house

Why Professional Pest Control Is The Way To Go For Your Frisco Home

August 10, 2021

How long have you lived in your home? Have you been there long enough to know that pests are a serious problem when they get inside? In our area, many different species of animals like to invade homes. We have rodents like rats and mice, insects like cockroaches and ants, and arachnids like ticks and spiders.... Read More

cricket on a rock

Fort Worth’s Handy Guide To Complete Cricket Control

July 14, 2021

The repeated chirping of a cricket “somewhere” in your home or business is annoying. Try to ignore it; but, after a while, you will be on a seek and destroy mission. Following the “chirp” in an attempt to eliminate the offender can prove quite difficult.... Read More

street view of a house in houston

The Health Risks Pests Can Bring To Your Houston Home

June 12, 2021

If you've never experienced an infestation before or have never been affected by insects or pest mammals, it's easy to see how you might overlook potential threats. It's important to realize that pests are not only nuisances around our homes.... Read More

deer tick on a leaf

Fort Worth's Handy Field Guide To Tick Bites

March 29, 2021

Ticks are disgusting parasites that latch onto a human or animal host in order to drink their blood. While it’s easy to assume that ticks in Fort Worth, Texas are a type of insect, they are actually arachnids and are most closely related to spiders and scorpions.... Read More

striped bark scorpion on a stick

Frisco Property Owners' Guide To Scorpion Prevention

March 18, 2021

Did you know that scorpions are actually considered arachnids? These scary pests are members of the class Arachnida along with species like spiders, mites, and ticks. It’s no wonder then that scorpions are almost as feared as spiders.... Read More

a jumping spider perched on a finger

The Ultimate Spider-Prevention Guide For Dallas Property Owners

December 18, 2020

What do you do when faced with a pest that's actually helpful but still not welcome inside your Dallas property? In the case of spiders, you do your best to control the population and remain aware of the different spiders common to the area, which include house spiders, jumping spiders, wolf spiders, brown recluse spiders, and black widow spiders. ... Read More

termites chewing a wooden

Here's How To Tell If Your Fort Worth Property Has A Termite Problem

August 21, 2020

What Are Subterranean Termites? Subterranean termites are the most common species of termite found in Fort Worth. These creatures live in colonies deep underground and work together to gather cellulose, the main component found in wood. Within each termite colony, there are kings, queens, and soldiers. After a colony has fully matured, queens will reproduce what are called termite swarmers. These creamy white to dark brown/black winge... Read More

a house fly in a kitchen

Six Quick Tips To Keep Flies Out Of Your Frisco Home

July 30, 2020

Don’t mess with Texans, right? Residents have always been a tough, hardworking bunch. Most of us have bigger fish to fry than to worry about flies in our Frisco homes. After all, house flies are just an annoying inconvenience. They aren’t actual cause for concern… are they?... Read More

silverfish crawling on paper

Are Dallas Silverfish Dangerous?

July 7, 2020

While there are many pests you might come across in your Dallas home, you’re likely more familiar with some of them than others. Pests like spiders, ants, and flies are common, but there are other pests that are common, but you might not know much about them.... Read More

stinging insects crawling on a leaf

Nine Ways To Make Your Plano Yard Less Appealing To Wasps

June 30, 2020

When it comes to pests, there are few as off-putting as wasps. After all, they fly, they have strong and durable bodies, and their stings are quite painful. Despite this, wasps are beneficial to the environment. So even though they may be scary pests, we wouldn’t want to get rid of them altogether.... Read More

earwig on bathroom floor

The Truth About Plano's Earwigs

June 18, 2020

Earwigs have pincers at the back of their abdomen and long, flattened bodies that are not a welcome sight in your home. What exactly do you need to know about these pests? Are they dangerous? How can you prevent them? Here's a guide to get you started.... Read More

house fly on a kitcken counter

Who Else Wants To Keep Flies Out Of Their Dallas Home This Summer?

June 15, 2020

Whether they are buzzing nuisances or dangerous purveyors of disease, household flies are a regular headache for area homeowners. In order to make sure your property is free from these flying pests this year, there is a lot you need to know to stay ahead of pest infestations. Local resources are available to educate you and to be your partner in fly prevention.... Read More

scorpion on ground

The Truth About Scorpions In Dallas

May 29, 2020

We go about our busy lives giving little or no thought about scorpions until, seemingly out of nowhere, we get stung. But this isn't how it has to be. You can protect yourself, and everyone living in your home, from the threat of scorpions. Here's what you should know.... Read More

a carpenter bee crawling on wood near a nest

How Much Do You Really Know About Carpenter Bees In Richardson?    

April 16, 2020

You may think that one bee is like the next, and that there are three essential things about them. One is that they love buzzing around plants and flowers, and making honey. Two, their pollination supports food crops and the environment. Three, they can cause painful stings to humans. While most bee species have those traits in common, they aren’t all the same. Not only do they vary in shade and size, but they can also do different damag... Read More

a rice weevil in a food pantry

Solving Pantry Pest Problems In Dallas

February 6, 2020

When you look in your pantry or your kitchen cupboards, there are probably a lot of different foods that you hope to see. One thing you probably hope you don't see is a moth, or beetle, or white larvae crawling around in your favorite cereal.... Read More

silverfish crawling on a wooden surface

Why Can't I Get Rid Of Silverfish In My Frisco Home?

November 14, 2019

Have you tried to get rid of them with DIY treatments and fallen short of your goal? It happens. Sadly, it happens a lot. You're not likely to get every silverfish in your home using DIY methods like topical sprays, desiccants, and sticky traps. Here's why!... Read More


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