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Which Smells Do Plano Mosquitoes Hate?

June 7, 2021

Freshly baked bread. A nice bouquet of roses. We love smells like these. For mosquitoes, the scent of carbon dioxide and warm blood have a similar effect. But just like we’re grossed out by rotten fish and wet garbage, there are certain odors that mosquitoes can’t stand. So, which smells do Plano mosquitoes hate?... Read More

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All The Ways You Attract Fort Worth Mosquitoes Without Knowing

September 18, 2020

If you had to guess what insect is the most dangerous on the planet, what would you say? If mosquitoes came to your mind, you would be correct. Health and pest professionals submit that these flying bugs are a major medical threat to humans. They put a damper on picnics, sports games, and other outdoor activities, but the reality is that mosquitoes are capable of far worse than mere annoyance. The reason they buzz around you is that they want ... Read More


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