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a scorpion hanging off a counter ledge in a kitchen

How To Get Rid Of Scorpions On Your Fort Worth Property

December 17, 2021

While some Fort Worth residents might be used to scorpions, this pest might be one of the most undesirable to stumble upon in your home. Like their arachnid relatives, meaning spiders, scorpions are a bit unsettling. Although many species of scorpions are shy and tend to avoid people, their pincers and stinger feel threatening.... Read More

a scorpion crawling on a rock

How Dangerous Are Striped Bark Scorpions In Houston, TX?

October 22, 2021

Of all the pests that might invade your home, which is the one you are most worried about? Most people would weigh their options and decide that nothing is worse than finding a scorpion indoors. Whether this is how you feel or not, we can all agree that these stinger-tailed bugs are not a pest anyone wants to find indoors.  ... Read More

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Answers To Fort Worth's Most Common Scorpion Questions

September 24, 2021

While scorpions are not a problem for many places all over the country, if you have lived in Fort Worth, Texas, for some time, chances are you have seen a scorpion or two. If you can keep your distance, scorpions might be a cool sight to see, especially species like striped bark scorpions, which glow under ultraviolet light. ... Read More

an up close image of a striped black scorpion crawling on a tree

A Complete Scorpion Control Guide For Houston, TX Properties

August 29, 2021

Scorpions are some of the most intimidating and scary-looking creatures on the planet. First, they can be very large. Some are as big as a human palm. Second, they have huge claws you could be pinched by. Third, they wield stingers that are packed with venom.... Read More


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